The purpose of this blog is to set forth a series of rules on matters sartorial (and related subjects) for men. I have compiled these rules after long observation of the often degraded state of male dress and demeanor one sees in our great cities of late.

These rules are not intended as mere suggestions, rather they should be adhered to strictly. Deviate at your peril.


Mr. Wooster

18 January 2010

Rules 59 through 64

59. Except in the case of a dinner suit, black suits should be avoided.

60. Generally, the only acceptable colors for men’s dress shoes are black or some shade of brown; a narrow exception exists for the white buck, but this shoe is fraught with peril and should be approached with caution.

61. Despite what some women will tell you (inexplicably), it is perfectly acceptable to wear black dress shoes with a navy suit. Just make sure they are polished.

62. Woven leather shoes are never acceptable.

63. Gentlemen always wash their hands—with soap—when visiting the lavatory. There are absolutely no exceptions.

64. Sports team jerseys should be avoided unless you are a member of the team or are attending an actual, live match. And in the latter case, only if you absolutely insist.


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